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The Importance of Tree Fertilization in Your Yard

Contrary to the popular opinion that trees are self-sufficient, they actually require regular care and maintenance. Most trees planted in your front yard are subject to much harsher conditions than they would be in a forest. In fact, data shows that the conditions for trees are getting harsher, which means trees need more help. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for ground maintenance work is anticipated to increase by 10% by the year 2029. Here are some reasons why tree fertilization is important.

Tree Root Health

Tree roots supply nutrients and provide an anchor for your tree. Some roots even grow larger than their canopy. Tree fertilizing will increase their capacity to obtain these key nutrients resulting in a healthier tree. For some trees, nutrients are used up early in the year to produce fruits and leaves. Performing deep root tree fertilization will increase their resilience and replenish diminishing nutrients. This process will help your trees withstand any season change and keep them vibrant for your yard.

Leaf Maintenance

Trees can maintain their bright colors and leaf development through tree fertilizing. Tree fertilization plays a big role in preventing yellowing and smaller leaf production. Fertilization encourages beautiful, varied leaf colors. Yard trees are often planted for beatification and are meant to last the test of time. Giving trees root fertilization will automatically ensure the longevity of your trees by improving their resilience and resistance.

Pest and Disease Repellent

Attacks from diseases and pests can be effectively reduced by tree fertilizing. Optimal health is achieved and maintained by the ability to take in nutrients. Fertilization promotes nutrient intake, directly impacting the trees' resistance to external factors.

While big stores provide fertilizer spikes to fertilize your yard trees, you cannot evenly distribute fertilizer throughout the root system with them. For this reason, it's essential to hire professional fertilizing companies. Tree fertilizing companies work through every season and ensure that your trees are protected through the cold winter. Experts can determine the type and quantity of fertilizer based on your trees' age. Employing professional help in tree maintenance will help you avoid the adverse effects of under fertilization. Call ProPeat Fertilizer today for a consultation on your yard tree maintenance, and we will be honored to come to your aid.