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Sugar-Salem FFA WINS Idaho state FFA convention!

The team provided promotional strategies aligned with goals for ProPeat to implement in the coming years. We greatly appreciate their hard work and advice to better the agriculture business going forward. The ProPeat team takes pride in supporting local. We're excited to announce a new tool recommended by the FFA team. Follow along with our blog to be the first to see our exciting announcement COMING SOON!

Brandon: I learned a lot about how to make a business successful. I particularly enjoyed building strategies to increase sales. It was a great experience for me to learn more about ProPeat and appreciate the hard work that the company puts into making quality fertilizer. 

James: Working on this project has taught me a lot about how a business is ran and how to make a marketing plan successful. I also learned how to effectively change things in our plan to make the ProPeat business successful. Overall I have enjoyed the experience I have had to work with this amazing business and can't wait to continue working with them. 

Bryndi: Over the course of the past year I have loved the opportunity to work with ProPeat. This experience has helped me understand how to take business ideas and build them into reality. While building the plan I have appreciated working with ProPeat because of their amazing hospitality. They have not only taught me how to run a business but run it with kindness. I am looking forward to working with them more.

What Sugar Salem's FFA team wants YOU to know

We believe ProPeat will change the industry for the greater good. We see a lot of potential for the company. ProPeat has values that make customers feel comfortable purchasing their product. We also thank Mr. Pocock and staff for allowing us to have an opportunity to compete with their company in the Ag Marketing contest. We cant wait to continue working with them for the next few months in preparation for nationals. ProPeat truly is a great company and we wish them all the best.

-Brandon, James, and Bryndi